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Freed sex attacker ‘raped and killed two women then minced their bodies into dog meat’ in Russia

A SEX attacker freed from prison is suspected of raping and killing two women – before chopping up and mincing their bodies into dog meat.

Alexandr Maslennikov, 31, who stands at six feet six inches tall, fed his slaughtered victims’ remains to hungry pooches, according to reports in southern Russia.

Daria Labutina was kidnapped and killed by a convicted sex offender in Russia, according to cops
Olga Shaposhnikova was also raped and killed before having her remains minced into dog meat

Olga Shaposhnikova, 28, and Daria Labutina, 29, had been missing since visiting the Voice karaoke club in Volzhsky on October 13.

But after heading out for a night of fun, the pair’s mobile phones stopped working leaving distraught relatives unable reach them.

Police established that the women had left the club with Maslennikov who had been freed from jail in May after serving 11 years for rape, sexual assault and robbery.

He drove the victims- who both worked at a local shopping mall – to his home where he is alleged to have raped and killed them, say police.

Alexandr Maslennikov, pictured being arrested near Moscow, is suspected of killing the two women

“The criminal dismembered their bodies and ground them up with a mincer,” reported Moskovsky Komsomolets citing law enforcement sources.

Their remains were “fed to dogs”, according to local reports.

Body parts of the women were also found in a forest near the city, in Volgograd region, say police sources.

Maslennikov was detained this week by cops near Moscow where he had fled and had started dating a hairdresser.

The unsuspecting woman was a single mother who could have become the alleged killer’s next victim, officers believe.

A video shows armed police taking the suspect into a van before his return to Volzhsky – 615 miles southeast of Moscow –  for questioning.

The girls, including Daria pictured, had visited a nightclub in southern Russia before allegedly being kidnapped by Maslennikov
Olga, who worked as a shop assistant, was allegedly chopped up and minced into dog meat

When the pair went missing, a huge day and night search was underway, with women warned to take extreme care going out at night.

A colleague of shoe shop sales assistant Olga said: “We are still in a state of shock.”

“She was always been a pleasure to work with.

Daria – who worked in a clothes shop and is believed to have had children – was described as “quiet and home-loving”.

A friend said: “It was the first time when they both decided to go out and chill together in a very long time – and then this happened.”

Daria, who also worked in a local shopping mall, is believed to have children

The families of both women were said to be “devastated and in total shock”.

Friends of the pair expressed surprise that they would have voluntarily got into the car of an unknown man.

Both had partners but they were on a rare girls’ night out when they disappeared.

The suspect’s father, also called Alexandr Maslennikov, said: “I don’t believe that he killed them.

“Why would he need to kill two pretty girls? I don’t know where the girls are.”



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