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Couple give up jobs and sell their home to spend time ‘as a family’ with their two kids

A COUPLE gave up their successful careers and sold their home so they could travel the world and spend time “as a family” with their two young sons.

Andrea and Ben Williams, from Cardiff, Wales, now plan on visiting exotic locations across the globe with sons, Ethan, seven, and Alex, five, over the next few months.

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Andrea and Ben will eventually settle in Australia in January[/caption]

So far, the family have jetted off on trips to Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Mexico and the Caribbean – but now they’re planning an even bigger trip.

Andrea, 36, and Ben have decided to sell-up and use the money to go travelling with their sons and eventually resettle in Australia.

Andrea told Wales Online: “People think we are mad.

“Friends have said ‘but you have a lovely life, lovely friends and family, you’re doing really well, have good jobs, a lovely place to live – why would you want to move?’

The plan on spending time as a family with their two boys. Pictured Andrea with Alex
Media Wales

“But this is about finding time to be together as a family and getting use of the years when they are young.

“If we want time as a family then we thought let’s give this a go.”

The family will now head off to Dubai, South Africa, Sydney and the Gold Coast, before finally settling in Oz in January.

Andrea, who was born in Africa, says that she travelled a lot with her parents as a child.

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The family will now head off to Dubai, South Africa, Sydney and the Gold Coast[/caption]

Media Wales

Ethan and Alex will start school in Australia in January[/caption]

Media Wales

The family say that Wales will always be in their hearts[/caption]

The family moved back to the UK when she was eight, before they then moved to Australia in 1997.

She later moved back to Wales to start a family.

Andrea says that the couple made a pact to never have any regrets, leading them to ultimately decide to travel as a way to spend more time with their kids.

But, Andrea did say that the family won’t forget where they come from.

She added: “Wales will always be in our hearts.”

Andrea has set up a blog about the family’s travels called ‘Little Footsteps Big Adventures’ at www.facebook.com/Littlefootstepsbigadventures or follow them on Instagram @littlefootstepsbigadventures.



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