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Couple offering £3.5million home for £25 in spot-the-ball comp bombarded with abuse from trolls who claim it’s a scam

GENEROUS owners who put up a luxury £3.5million house on the market for just £25 have been sent horrific abuse by trolls who clam it is a SCAM.

Homeowners Helen and Gary Weller designed, built and lived in the gorgeous property on the banks of the River Thames.

The couple’s beautiful house in Caversham, Berkshire is being sold for just £25

After growing frustrated with the house’s inability to sell, they came up with the novel solution of giving it away for £25 to a competition winner.

Since making the announcement, the couple have been flooded with a barrage of nasty emails and messages on social media.

In an open letter to her abusers, Helen hit back, describing the online hate as “hurtful poison.”

“I have never experienced such hatred from people I don’t know or have never met.

Despite just wanting to give someone else the opportunity they have had, Helen and Gary have been bombarded with abuse
The keys to the property could be yours if you play the £25 game
Sitting on the banks of the River Thames, the house’s value is £3.5million
Helen described the online trolls actions as “venomous poison.”

“My parents taught me if you can’t say anything nice then simply don’t say anything, why did yours not teach you the same?”

At the cost of a £25 entrance fee, property punters can go online to guess where the centre of a computer-generated ball should be.

The couple built the home five years ago, designing it themselves
The house has five bedrooms, and a state of the art interior

Judges will then pinpoint where the centre of the ball is and whoever has marked the centre the closest, wins the multi-million pound mansion

Helen told GetReading: “One thing I would really like to get across is it’s not a scam, it’s not a con and if it was, you wouldn’t be able to pay by credit card.

“We are just giving people the chance to win and live in a really nice house for £25. It’s like the lottery but the odds are much better.”

Kindhearted Helen added: “It’s about giving someone who would never be able to afford a home like this a chance to own it.


Helen and Gary say they want to give someone who would never normally be able to afford to buy their home a chance
Up to 500,000 punters can go online and play the guessing game to come away with the ultimate prize
The light and airy interior makes the home attractive to any buyer – but the price tag is even more appealing
The competition will last six months

“The people who enthusiastically said they loved the house were delivery drivers, postmen, cab drivers and our cat sitter friends, all who said if I won the lottery I would buy your house, and so the seed of this idea started.

“We decided that we wanted to give people a chance to own it for a manageable sum and so decided to hold a competition with our house as the prize.”

IN IT TO WIN IT Dad-of-two raffling off his £175k three-bed home for just £5 a ticket, but there’s a catch…

Amazingly, the game is legal, and the couple have promised to hand over the keys to the property if at least 200,000 people enter the bid.

If there are fewer than 200,000 entrants, the couple will give the winner 75 per cent of the proceeds.

In total, 500,000 tickets are are on offer.



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