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Harley Quinn Halloween 2017 costume ideas – here’s how to recreate Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad look

WITH her feisty personality and cool look, it’s no surprise that many want to dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween parties.

But how can you recreate her look within minutes? Here are some simple steps to becoming the famous “Hey, puddin!” star…

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Want to become DMC badass Harley Quinn, it might be easier than you think[/caption]

Who is Harley Quinn?

Baseball-bat wielding Harley Quinn, with her striking blonde locks and eye-catching hot pants, has become one of the most popular villains in DC Comics.

The character saw a recent surge of popularity after Margot Robbie stole the show in Suicide Squad with her portrayal of the role.

On the surface Harley is a loveable, flirty character who is in love with the Joker and refers to him as “Puddin’”, but her story is fairly tragic.

Before she was the Joker’s lover, Harley Quinn was Dr Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum.

While she was there she fell in love with the Joker and ending up helping him escape, although their relationship is extremely complicated.

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How can you look like Harley Quinn for Halloween?

Cosplayer Laura Gilbert also known as @infamous_harley_quinn, 22, from Australia regularly posts images and video dressed as Harley Quinn.

She has racked up over 314,000 followers thanks to her spot-on look, and explained how she achieved it on YouTube.

Here are the steps to follow to transform into the character:

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1. Place hair in bunches or use a platinum blonde wig and separate it into bunches

2. Use hair chalk which can be bought from eBay to make her signature pink and blue hair

3. Starting with a make-up-free face, cover your skin with a few layers of pale foundation

Cosplayer Laura Gilbert also known as the Infamous Harley Quinn demonstrated how to get her colourful make-up
YouTube/Laura Gilbert

4. Apply powder on top to set it

5. Apply a dark brow colour with powder to achieve Harley’s striking eyebrows

6. To get Harley’s pink and blue eye make-up you’ll need some bright colours

7. Cover each eyelid with one colour and then drag the powder down the side of your face (Harley’s look isn’t supposed to look perfect so don’t worry about getting it immaculate)

Add Harley’s trademark heart using liquid eyeliner and bright red lipstick to get her feisty pout
YouTube/Laura Gilbert

8. Add eyeliner and mascara to make your eyes stand out

9. Using liquid eyeliner, add Harley’s trademark small heart under your eye

10. Finish with Harley’s striking red lips using lip liner and lipstick

11. Pull two strands out of your hair, and add one red and blue bobble to each pigtail


The character saw a recent surge of popularity after Margot Robbie stole the show in Suicide Squad with her portrayal of the role[/caption]

What outfit does Harley Quinn wear?

Harley has many outfits throughout the recent Suicide Squad film, but her most popular one is her red and blue hot pants look.

You’ll need:

  • Her baseball bat which says “Good night”
  • Fishnet tights (slightly ripped)
  • Hot pants (red and blue)
  • Her red and blue jacket
  • Top saying “Daddy’s Lil Monster”
  • Studded fingerless gloves
  • Her puddin’ choker necklace

Many of the items can be bought from fancy dress shops such as Angel Fancy Dress.

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