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Fern Britton slates ‘grim’ Coronation Street double murder which viewers claimed was ‘too dark’

FERN Britton has blasted Coronation Street’s double murder as “grim” after both Andy and Vinny met their end during Friday night’s double bill.

Corrie viewers compared the gruesome episodes to movie killer Jigsaw from the Saw franchise after watching some of the darkest scenes ever to be shown on the soap.

Fern Briton has slated the double murder on Coronation Street saying it was ‘too grim’ for the ITV soap
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Last night’s instalment saw evil Pat Phelan persuade Andy Carver to kill Vinny, before finishing Andy off himself.

While fans loved the thrilling episodes and praised the “nail-biting” performances, Fern wasn’t so impressed.

The telly favourite thought two people being shot before the watershed was a bit much of a Friday night and took to Twitter to express her views.

Fern did praise the acting but thought it “too grim” for evening telly.

Oh #corrie yes performances, script and storyline good but ITS NOT CORRIE!

— FernBritton (@Fern_Britton) October 27, 2017

She said: “Oh #Corrie, this is too grim and just not right.

“Oh #corrie yes performances, script and storyline good but ITS NOT CORRIE!”

It comes as fans  suggested the writer of the episode might have been watching the Saw movies a little too much as they saw Phelan’s sick torture of Andy reach a horrifying climax.

The Saw films involve a twisted serial killer, Jigsaw, who disposes of his victims by making them “play a little game” – which can involve removing their own limbs or shooting someone else to escape death.

Andy was compelled to kill Vinny before turning the gun on Pat – but not for very long
The set of the murder scene was terrifying

And Coronation Street certainly seemed darker than usual tonight – with Nicola Rubinstein also learning her dad Phelan actually raped her mother rather than, as he claimed, having a fling with her.

But the most disturbing moment came when the twisted villain was heard telling the sobbing wreck Andy to kill Vinny, whispering: “It’s the only way, kid.”

Andy killed Vinny after Pat persuaded him to

As he’s spent months as Phelan’s prisoner, failing to escape his grasp on numerous occasions, Andy had by this point lost his mind and seemed to believe Vinny had killed his dad Michael.

After driving the men to a terrifying warehouse, Scouse psycho Pat eventually gave Andy a gun and persuaded him to kill Vinny.

Andy tried to turn the gun on Pat but he was soon dead too

Phelan then dumped the bodies in a river – and planted jewellery as evidence at wife Eileen’s taxi firm office.

The episode’s ending, that saw Phelan rejoin wife Eileen and pals in the Rovers, suggested he will frame former rape victim Anna Windass for attempted murder.

Phelan dumped the bodies in a river in the rain
Pat closed Andy’s eyes after shooting him dead

This is the first time Pat has shot s Weatherfield resident dead though we have seen him rape, kidnap, cheat and torture people.

Just hours before the murders Pat he was lying through his teeth – denying raping Nicola’s mum during a tense row in the park, calling the night he conceived Nicola a “transaction”.

The Jigsaw puppet is the horrifying symbol of the Saw movies
Phelan’s manipulative and evil ways shocked viewers
Lydia revealed the truth about her mum and dad

When Nicola walked away, calling him an “evil rapist”, Phelan screamed and seemed more unhinged than ever before.

Actor Connor McIntyre has said the character will get his comeuppance but warned fans that more “lively” scenes like these could occur beforehand.

#corrie #Phelan pic.twitter.com/YEolo9HkLU

— Mature Student Ken (@GosportKen) October 27, 2017

When did #Corrie turn into SAW 4?? Intense

— Matt Price (@Mattt_Price) October 27, 2017

These Saw films get more ludicrous with each outing #Corrie

— James Josiah (@donttelltales) October 27, 2017

Vinny and andy are re-enacting the first saw film #corrie

— oliver j (@oleafyjones) October 27, 2017

Jigsaw Phelan’s watched too many Saw movies. #Corrie

— Matt Wilkinson (@MatchooW) October 27, 2017

You can tell it’s halloween this weekend @itvcorrie has gone all saw! #PatPhelanIsJigsaw #DungeonOfDoom #Corrie pic.twitter.com/YETGYEyQGh

— Dan Harrison (@DJ_Haribo) October 27, 2017

This is like Saw with the 2 guys stuck in the grotty bathroom and Phelan is Jigsaw! 😂@connor9mcintyre #corrie

— Karen 🐝 (@KarenPVFC) October 27, 2017

OMG Phelan killed Andy as well, bit too dark! #Corrie

— Sue James (@semajeus) October 27, 2017

Many viewers were so put off by the murder scenes they tweeted that they would not be watching again, with one viewer branding the episodes “predictable, boring and nasty”.

Things looked like they were only going to get more insane – with at least one person dying – as Phelan seemed to be losing his grip on reality after Nicola’s rejection.

  • Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights on ITV

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