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Woman left ‘disappointed’ after her ‘frugal’ mother-in-law serves her THIS ‘stingy’ cake portion

A WOMAN has moaned online after her “frugal” mother-in-law served her a “stingy” slice of cake.

Taking to Mumsnet, the user, known only as ‘HapsburgUrchin’, explained that her husband’s mum is “lovely” but “detests any excess in all its forms”.

The Mumsnet user shared a photograph of the cake potion alongside a pound coin for scale

She wrote: “She’s baked us a lovely cake, but is determined for it to last for as long as possible.

“She is the master slice cutter and won’t let anyone else near it.

“AIBU [Am I being unreasonable] to be a bit disappointed with the size of this slice?”

The woman shared a picture of the sweet treat, adding: “Everyone disappeared into the other room, so I was able to take this sneaky photo with handy scale provided by new pound coin!”

Some contributors sided with the mum, while others agreed with the mother-in-law’s serving (Picture posed by model)
Getty – Contributor

Mumsnet users agreed that the portion size was mean.

“That’s a cake crumb,” joked one, while another added: “I’d have asked for more.”

“This is hilarious. Yes, it is skimpy alright,” wrote a contributor, as another said: “From today refer to her as Cakezilla.”

“That’s not worth getting the cake forks out for!”

But some contributors sided with the mother-in-law.

“It’s small but it’s her cake so I think you have to suck it up. (If you can find a magnifying glass to locate it).”

Another said: “A bit. By hey, better than no cake right?”

“That’s a standard slice. But it does mean that going back for seconds is fine. Everyone is just used to the supersized slices sold nowadays.”

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