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Mrs Crunch reveals her top recipes and supermarket snacks for Halloween to keep your little horrors happy

LAY a terrifying Halloween table with deathly decorations and frightening food.

With sweet and savoury snacks, little vampires will find plenty to sink their fangs into. And if they fancy whipping up a potion of their own, you can help them attack the recipes below:

Mrs Crunch is full of fresh ideas to help you save money this Halloween


GET the evil eye from McVitie’s Hobnobs Eerie Eyeball Teacakes, £1 for eight.

Asda’s Pumpkin Smash Cake is sure to be a big hit, £10.

All aboard Morrisons’ Halloween Decorate Your Own Ghost Train, £5.

Cadbury’s Pumpkin Patch cakes are £2 for four from Waitrose

Morrisons’ Halloween Cupcake Platter, £6, will be a hit with a gathering of little ghouls.

Have a chocolate shock with Cadbury Pumpkin Patch, £2 for a pack of four from Waitrose.

For a scary film night, look no further than Lemon & Slime Popcorn, £1.50, from M&S.


Asda’s £10 Pumpkin Smash Cake is guaranteed to be flying off the shelves[/caption]


FOR spooky spuds, Albert Bartlett Purple Potatoes, 1.25kg, are £1 at Lidl while stocks last.

Enjoy Pumpkin Crumpets in the shape of the spooky squash, £1 for six from Asda.


Grab yourself six pumpkin shape crumpets for £1 from Asda’s[/caption]

Sink your teeth into ten Filo Pastry Wrapped Mummy Prawns, £3 at Iceland.

Posh pizza for your little pumpkins with Waitrose Pumpkin and Porchetta Sourdough Pizza, £3.66.

Make no bones about it, Tesco’s ten Chicken Witches’ Hats, £2 or three for £5, will be a Halloween hit.

Tuck into cocktail sausages wrapped in black buns with green ketchup dip – Tesco eight Mini Midnight Devil Dogs, £2 or three for £5.


Filo Pastry Wrapped Mummy Prawns are a bargain £3 at Iceland[/caption]

If you fancy spoiling the kids,  Waitrose’s Pumpkin and Porchetta Sourdough Pizza will go down a treat

Drink up

FOR grown-up parties, grab your goblets and drink these devilishly good tipples.

Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Liqueur from Mozart with chocolate, caramel and natural pumpkin juice is combined with cinnamon and a ghostly whisper of chilli, £15.99 from Wine Rack.

Save yourself 30p on Adnams Ghost Ship at Waitrose

Pick vodka, whisky, rum or tequila at Il Gusto and get a skull-shaped glass bottle filled to the brim, from £8 at ilgusto.uk.com.

Keep spines chilling with Morrisons Skull Ice Cube Tray, £3.

Blood Orange Bucks Fizz, £2.48 from Asda, will revive flagging spirits.

Ward off vampires with The Garlic Farm Black Garlic Beer, 500ml, £4.25 from ocado.com. Buy six, save 20 per cent.


Asda is selling blodo orange Bucks Fizz for £2.48[/caption]

Definitely a treat rather than a trick is Specially Selected Pumpkin Spice Irish Cream Liqueur, £6.99 from Aldi.

Make some magic with Sadler’s Worcester Sorcerer Craft Ale, £1.49 from Lidl.

Casillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon down from £8 to £6.50 at Morrisons. The name means the devil’s cellar – perfect for Halloween!

Spookily, Adnams Ghost Ship is on offer at Waitrose, down from £1.80 to £1.50 until Halloween.

Frogspawn punch

(Serves 16)


270g lime jelly;

4 kiwi fruit;

2 limes;

2 litres lemonade.

METHOD: Make up two 135g packs of lime jelly according to the instructions, pour into shallow trays and place in the fridge for an hour to set.


Making jelly is always a fun activity for the children[/caption]

When the jelly has set, peel the kiwi fruits and cut them into large chunks removing the white pith.

Reserve a few slices and place the rest in a blender with the juice of the limes and 750ml lemonade then whizz for 30 seconds or until the kiwi has been well blended.

Cut the jelly into small cubes and place in the bottom of a punch bowl. Pour the kiwi mixture over, adding 1.25 litre lemonade.

Garnish with the reserved kiwi slices.

Don’t miss the Mrs Crunch pullout every Thursday in association with Morrisons

Severed fingers sausage rolls

(Makes 20)


350g frankfurters;

375g puff pastry;

1 egg, beaten;

1 tbsp milk;

10 black pitted olives;

1 tbsp tomato ketchup.

METHOD: Preheat the oven to 190C/170C fan/Gas 5 and line an oven tray with baking parchment.


Whilst this is a recipe for Halloween, it can be easily adapted for all year round[/caption]

Cut all the frankfurters in half. The curved ends will make up the tip of each “finger”.

Cut a 375g sheet of puff pastry into three lengthways, then cut each length into seven even strips.

Roll a piece of pastry around each frankfurter half, pinching it at the “fingertip” end. Then, using a sharp knife, make small incisions in the pastry for “knuckles”.

Mix the egg with the milk and use to brush each finger well. Halve the black pitted olives, cut into fingernail shapes and press well onto each finger so they stick during cooking.

Bake for 15-20mins or until golden. To serve, dip the base of each finger into tomato ketchup.

Melon brain & blood fizz

(Serves six)


1 watermelon;

200ml cranberry juice;

150ml elderflower cordial;

450ml sparkling water.

METHOD: Remove the green skin of the watermelon to expose the white rind.

Slice off the melon base so it sits flat and won’t roll about.


This brain made out of melon is sure to impress the children[/caption]

With a cocktail stick or a skewer, outline the squiggly furrows to resemble the surface of the brain.

Using a small sharp knife, carve narrow channels along the squiggles to expose the melon’s pink flesh.

For the fizz, put the juice, cordial and water in a bowl and stir together.

Add some ice cubes and decorate the bowl to serve.

Swamp soup with witches’ scabs

(Serves eight)


1 tbsp sunflower oil;

1 onion, diced;

300g potatoes, cubed;

500g frozen peas;

1.5 litre vegetable stock;

150g streaky bacon;

300g mushy peas.

METHOD: Heat the oil in a large pan and gently fry the onion until soft but not browned.

Add the potatoes, peas and stock then bring to the boil. Cover and simmer for ten minutes.


Don’t worry, the ‘scabs’ are just crispy bacon pieces[/caption]

While the soup is cooking, grill the bacon until crispy.

Drain on absorbent kitchen paper and snip the bacon into small pieces – the “scabs”. Blend the soup in batches in a food processor then return to the pan with the mushy peas.

Stir well and heat through, before serving with a sprinkling of crispy bacon.



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