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Testing Image sizes.

Arun Chaitanya

Contributing Tests to WordPress #Contributing Tests to WordPress

There are three primary ways to contribute:

Write tests for a reported bug. A great way to contribute is to write tests that demonstrate an existing bug report. The core developers are reluctant to consider patches for many sensitive areas in core without test coverage. Well-written tests can help confirm that a patch fixes a problem without side effects, and can prevent any regressions from occurring in the future. When tests are particularly needed or desired for a ticket to proceed, they receive the needs-unit-tests workflow keyword. You can submit tests for existing tickets directly on the WordPress core Trac. Bonus points for submitting a bug report with a test case included.

Write new tests to improve our code coverage. Many areas of WordPress do not have adequate test coverage. Pick a function, class, or component and write tests for it. You can submit these tests on the WordPress Trac.

Fix or improve our existing test cases. There are many opportunities for improvement in the existing tests. Some of them are ancient and others are slow or fragile. Some do not tests well in multisite or under certain conditions. Some individual tests try to test too much, and could be improved by using data providers, dependencies, and more narrow assertions.


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