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‘Whether she was up for it isn’t relevant’: Adam Johnson’s ex Stacey Flounders arrives at court with him as judge lists lies told by ex-footie star

Disgraced footie ace back in the dock as judge sums up evidence from trial

ADAM Johnson arrived at court with ex-girlfriend Stacey Flounders as a judge sums up evidence in his child sex trial.

The sacked ex-Sunderland and England footballer is back in the dock as Judge Jonathan Rose sums up the case to the jury of eight women and four men.

Johnson’s dad, sister and ex-girlfriend, with whom he has a one-year-old daughter, are sitting in the front row of the public gallery as the case draws to a close.

Johnson 1

Stacey Flounders appeared alongside Adam Johnson today as the judge brought the child sex case to a close

Summing up evidence given by both sides, the judge listed a string of lies Johnson has told since being charged with the child sex offences.

He warned jurors lies don’t make Johnson guilty, but highlighted Johnson telling his ex-partner “she said she was 16” when he was arrested – while messages prove the girl was always honest about having just turned 15.

Commenting on Johnson telling police “I only gave her a couple of shirts”, Judge Rose said: “That too was a lie even by his own account.”

Judge Rose pointed out how Johnson tried to “play down” the pair’s relationship, claimed it was the girl who brought up the “thank you kiss” and alleged he never planned to meet for a third time – all of which are proven lies.

Johnson 2

Johnson is charged with four counts of sexual activity with a child, two of which he denies

The judge warned the jury: “The defendant may tell lies for a number of reasons other than guilt, the defendant may tell lies in panic or to hide other behaviours which are not criminal.”

He encouraged the jury to think about all aspects of the case, including Johnson’s attempt to keep his communication with the teen secret and the information they have been given about the second meeting, where the alleged sexual activity took place.

He also said WhatsApp messages between the two, including one where Johnson told the schoolgirl “just wanted to get your jeans off” and another where he suggested he wanted “more than a kiss”, were integral pieces of evidence.

Judge Rose also referred to Johnson googling “age of consent” shortly after the pair met for the first time, which the defence allege has been “taken out of context”.

He also advised the jury to consider whether the girl was thinking of having sex with Johnson on their third meeting having only kissed him on the second, or whether there was a basis of sexual activity which made her think that would happen.

Johnson 3

Stacey Flounders appeared at court with her ex-partner again today as the judge closes the case

Judge Rose also warned jurors not to take into consideration whether the girl was willing or not, as this is “not relevant” to the charges against Johnson.

He also mentioned the girl becoming upset when cross-examined by Johnson’s barrister Orlando Pownell QC, but insists the girl appearing on video link is “completely normal”.

When summarising the 15-year-old’s evidence, he said the schoolgirl initially “idolised” Johnson but says she now “hates” him for “everything he put me through”.

He said Johnson told the girl he wanted to have sex with her on the third meeting before moving on to a summary of her friend’s account.

The jury heard the schoolgirl stopped speaking about Adam Johnson as much after they met, “despite being her favourite footballer”.

Judge Rose will send the jury out to consider their verdict after he finishes his speech.