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Luxury lifestyle

‘Rich kids of London’ sneer at ‘peasants outside Primark’ as they flaunt lavish lifestyles

LONDON’S rich kids have set up their own risky Instagram and Facebook account where they refer to their 27,000 followers – who are mostly amused ‘normal’ people as peasants.

One gent even posted a photo of himself rubbing his suede shoe with a 50 pound note with the tagline “when a peasant touches your shoes”.

A thread of images showing flashy transport such as private helicopters and sports cars were posted alongside a caption “back to uni” or “boarding school”.

Rich kids

Wealthy young Londoners set up social media accounts called Rich Kids of London

Photos of receipts are also a popular image to share with commenters jokingly claim that a bill of more than £2,500 was a “small night out”.

Although the glam lifestyle appears to be one of luxury – which it certainly is – the young adults do appear to give up something – their freedom.


Rich kids’ sneering post pokes fun at queues outside bargain shop

Range Rover

The poster commented alongside this shot ‘not a bad situation ..pretty whites’

£50 note

Poser brushes shoes with a £50 note

Wadges of cash that appear to total at least £1,000 are repeatedly posted with comments such as “why I come home’ and ‘thanks for the pocket money”.

Birthday cars, piles of limited edition watches and gold bottles of champage half the size of a person are all boasted on the pages too.


One rich kid of London says ‘that time of year again’

But some of the users do seem to have a strong disliking for “peasants”.

An image of people standing outside a Primark is captioned “the peasants lining up to go in primark” and another showing a Molotov cocktail bottle on fire says “to throw on peasants”.

Russian rich kids

Rich kids of Russia also set up an Instagram account to flaunt their snaps recently