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‘I’d stab you in the face with a fork’: Watch the shocking moment a drunken stag party come to blows at 30,000ft

Ryanair cabin crew restrain six men demanding more booze on flight

A DRUNKEN flier swings a punch at a fellow passenger in a mid-air stag party brawl that forced a packed Ryanair plane to make an emergency landing.

Our exclusive footage shows two members of the 12-strong group of Brits slap and thump each other as terrified travellers beg them to calm down.

The group of boozy Brits heading to a stag do forced their plane to divert as one brawling reveller told his pal: “I’d stab you in the face with a fork.”

Pic 8

Violence at 30,000ft…. mates brawl on stag-do flight

The flight from Luton — where the group were spotted drinking heavily — to Bratislava in Slovakia was diverted to Berlin, where six of the party were nicked.

Footage obtained by The Sun shows them trading blows at 30,000ft after swearing at each other across an aisle.

Cabin crew initially do nothing to stop them as one standing man named Tom has the bust-up with another called Jamie, who is seated on the Ryanair jet.

A woman holding a baby approaches and asks the pair — in a party of 12 — to stop.

But the row on the jet, taking 170 people from Luton to Bratislava, Slovakia, rages on.

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Abi Whitmore and groom-to-be Josh Mariner with their young daughter

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Trouble brewing… A passenger looms over another before the brawl breaks out

Tom snarls: “I’m not afraid of you, I swear on my mother’s life. You’ve done it now. Why shouldn’t I batter your face?”

He continues: “I would rather stab you in the face with a fork. No disrespect to you, but I hate you.”

Ryanair attendants had stayed at the other end of the plane.

But when they finally arrived to break up the fight, they incredibly told off passengers ­filming it.

Friday afternoon’s flight was eventually diverted to Berlin after the worried captain alerted air traffic controllers.

German cops said six of the party, including the groom, building firm boss Josh Mariner, 26, from Southampton, were hauled off the Boeing 737.

Pic 5

A member of the party gets in another man’s face as tensions rise at 30,000ft

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A Ryanair flight attendant was keen for videos not to be taken

Last night Josh’s mum Lynda Walsh told The Sun: ‘’It was my son’s stag do but I don’t want to say anything. It’s been a traumatic day. All I will say is he wasn’t one of the ones arrested.’’

Witnesses say the group had drunk heavily at Luton airport.

A snap posted on Facebook shows them at a bar with the caption: “Stag do, next stop Slovakia.”

Before the trip one person posted under the group photo: “Someone’s gettin’ nicked.”

Pic 3

Ending … an air steward shuts down the footage before the German police arrive

A passenger said: “I’m amazed that they were allowed to get on. They were sinking so much beer at the departure lounge it was frightening.

“There were women and kids on board but they couldn’t care less. They swore and shouted at one other, then it kicked off.

“The crew were useless and did nothing. In fact they got more irate with passengers filming it.

“One of the crew came down to me and told me to stop filming. I refused and said I wanted to video it as I was going to make a complaint.’’

Another witness added: “One guy tried to act as peacemaker but it seemed to make things worse.”

Pic 2

Flight path … aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained individuals at Berlin Schonefeld Airport

Pic 1

Pre-booze … British stag party enjoys wishes groom Josh good luck before their flight

A passenger said some of the party stripped off at Luton just before the flight set off.

After being booted off the plane and grilled by Berlin police, the six are believed to have continued to party in Germany.

The plane took off with the rest of the group and landed in Bratislava more than 90 minutes late.

The Slovakian capital is popular with British stag parties.

Beer typically costs £1 a pint and the city boasts dozens of seedy strip joints and nightclubs.

Tracking websites show the plane changing course almost as soon as it left Luton — raising the question why it was allowed to take off with so many drunken passengers.

A German police spokesman said: “The captain made an unscheduled landing at Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport at around 8.30pm on Friday.

Officers then boarded and took six drunken men from the Southampton area from the flight. It was clear they had been drinking heavily.

“They will now face a maximum fine of €25,000 and may have a civil claim from the airline. The groom was one of the six taken off.”

Last night bride-to-be Abi Whitmore, mum of Josh’s young daughter, was unavailable for comment.

Ryanair said in a statement: “We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour. The safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our No1 priority. This is now a matter for local police.”