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When will Clarkson go away?

The former Top Gear trio Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May return to our screens this week

SINCE Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May parted ways with BBC’s Top Gear, fans have been eagerly awaiting their return on their new show The Grand Tour. And the wait is soon over as the trio make their Amazon Prime debut on Friday this week. But when can you watch it and when is it available? Here's what we know.


The Grand Tour starts on Amazon Prime on November 18 WHEN DOES IT START? The Grand Tour starts this Friday, November 18th and will air a new episode, which will be an hour long, every week. The first episode will be available from midnight on Friday morning. The trio have signed up to present three 12-episode series, a total of 36 episodes.


The show sees the return of Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May Last month, the show released a teaser trailer announcing the launch date and since then, the show has released behind-the-scenes teaser clips giving fans a hint of what to expect. There are explosions, supercars and James May receiving a ribbing from his co-hosts. We can't wait!

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The show will be in a similar vein to the on-location episodes Top Gear and will see the trio travel around the world, and filming in front of an audience in giant studio tents on location. The huge travelling black tent, which features the show’s logo on the side, takes three days to put up and inside, the audience sits round a small stage, with the hosts seated at a table.

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The first episode is believed to feature their time in California but the trio have also visited Johannesburg, South Africa and have been spotted in Barbados and the Algarve in Portugal, where they are believed to have racing the world’s most expensive cars.


The show will be filmed around the world

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Fans who aren’t already, will have to sign up to become a member of Amazon Prime, which costs £79 a year and also includes free delivery. Then they can watch the show on their mobile devices or through the Amazon Fire stick which plugs into the HDMI output on their smart televisions. But unlike some Amazon series that are available in one go for customers to binge-watch, the show will stick to the once-a-week schedule just like Top Gear.


Clarkson will become the UK's highest paid TV presenter on £10million over the next three years


Clarkson is reportedly set to become Britain’s highest-paid TV host after signing up to The Grand Tour for a whopping £10 million a year with May, Hammond and producer Andy Williams not far behind. He earned £1million an episode with Hammond and May paid half that. Amazon is believed to be spending £160 million over the three years which gives each show an individual budget of £4.5million. This makes the Top Gear episode budget of £500,000 pale into comparison.

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