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HARRY REDKNAPP has laid into Jose Mourinho and says Chelsea’s woeful form has proved he is not "special" after allr

Mourinho has been left fighting for his job after seeing his team slump to within a point of the Premier League relegation zone.

And in a damning assessment of how he is dealing with the crisis, former Tottenham boss Redknapp says Mourinho has proved he doesn’t have the skills to turn things round following the champions' 2-1 defeat to Leicester on Monday night.

Redknapp said: “If Jose was such a genius, Chelsea wouldn’t be losing all these games.

“Jose Mourinho isn’t special any more. He can’t have any complaints if he is sacked because if he getts all the credit for winning the Premier League and hailed as the greatest manager there is when Chelsea win, then he has to face the consequences when they perform as badly as this.

 Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho
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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho

“I like him but he is no different to anyone else: managers get the sack for failing to win football matches. Brendan Rodgers left Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp 1comes in and he is the best thing since sliced bread one minute, then the next they can’t beat West Brom and lose at Newcastle.

“What’s happened there is remarkable but it just goes to show that whoever they are, a manager is only as good as his players.

"Managers get overhyped when they are successful and receive too much criticism when they aren’t. There are always one or two who can improve the fortunes of smaller clubs but at the top end you are reliant on your best players delivering every week.”

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Redknapp added: “So many managers think they are geniuses. When I took over Tottenham in 2008, people were talking about them getting relegated.
“It was never going to happen because we had top players. People gave me the credit for the recovery but my missus could have kept them up.
“People will argue it is a manager’s responsibility to get the best out of them and there is, of course, some truth in that but you can’t physically make them run faster or go that extra mile.

“ It is the top players who won Chelsea the Premier League last season and it is those same players who may well end up getting him the sack.
“What should really happen is the players get the sack for underperforming but that will never happen. But the players simply haven’t done the jobs they are paid huge sums to do.
“Diego Costa has not scored enough goals. Cesc Fabregas has not created enough chances. Eden Hazard has not dictated games often enough.

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“Branislav Ivanovic was one of the best right-backs in the League and now, suddenly, he is way off the pace. What is Oscar doing these days? Sulking? This experience will be good for Mourinho in the long run.
“It will have brought him down to Earth. It might make him realise he doesn’t make the difference — the players do. He hasn’t got a magic wand — he can’t suddenly make them play well again. He has proved he can’t do it.

“It is obvious there is a breakdown in the relationship between manager and players. That creates suspicion and uncertainty. Jose will have watched them in training and see who is talking to who.

“He’ll think: 'What are they saying? Is that about me?' You start to become paranoid. It can be frightening. You watch how players sit with certain other ones on the coach to and from matches. You start to work out who is on your side and who isn’t.

“There are always one or two players who want to be pals with the chairman or a director. Are they talking about me to them? Are their agents doing the same behind my back?

We’ve all been through it. It can be extremely difficult. I remember when I first went to West Ham and they were struggling. You quickly become aware of who will back you. It is one of the toughest challenges any manager faces. Jose had some issues at Real Madrid but he has never faced the problem to this extent.

“His biggest task now is hanging in there and keeping his job, despite the bad eggs in the squad undermining him.
“If Chelsea stick with Jose, he needs to get the troublemakers out because the rest of them are unsettled. And if he survives this period, he will get them out, make no mistake.
“He isn’t a fool. He just isn’t as special as we all thought.”


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DEAR DEIDRE: AFTER a drinking session, my wife let slip that her ex was well endowed.

Now when we have sex, all I think about is whether I satisfy her.


DEIDRE SAYS: Given his history of addictive habits, all of which were an escape from dealing with his inner emotional demons, it is not surprising you struggle to believe him.


DEIDRE SAYS: Your daughter is your child, not your mother’s, so you should set the rules.

But I can see how hard it is if you are dependent on her for child-minding.


Give your mum lots of appreciation for her help.


All that glitters is glitter

DevinderWas here


DEAR Devinder: I AM torn over a guy I met on dating site.

My head says give it time and see where it goes, my gut says stay well clear because I’m going to get hurt.




Deidre is the boss

Intro to deers

DEIDRE SAYS: Trust your intuition and don’t ignore the alarm bells ringing for you.

You do need to be very wary of allowing yourself to get pulled into a relationship with someone who, no matter what he is telling you, is not actually free to commit.

You do need to be very wary of allowing yourself to get pulled into a relationship with someone who, no matter what he is telling you, is not actually free to commit.

DEAR DEIDRE: WHEN I caught my girlfriend in bed with another man, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and cut my arms.

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