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Former F1 star Max Chilton is looking to emulate David Beckham and conquer the USA

MAX CHILTON is ready to prove he has Becks appeal by conquering American Indycar racing.

The former Formula One star has joined Indycar team Chip Ganassi Racing and is set to take the sport by storm.

Chilton is only the fourth Brit to switch codes from the F1 to oval racing in the States and is set to cash in in the same way David Beckham did when he joined LA Galaxy in the MLS.

The 24-year-old with his boy-band good looks and his pretty missus, Chloe Roberts, are to be thrust into the spotlight, after teams clambered for his signature.


He said: “I like that comparison! Becks is a cool bloke and one of the most-liked people, so I will take that. “But it is true, the Americans love a Brit and I have had some cool brands contact me. “There are lots of brands that want to come on board and maybe when Chloe and I are there it will all come out.

“It is a big change for me, but I have learned that you cannot plan you life, “It is very exciting. I never thought it would happen. I was like 99 per cent of other drivers where F1 was always my goal.

“I remember all those times where I said that I would never race in Indycar because it never appealed to me, but it was a case of never say never. Life changes.

“I was lucky enough to get to F1 and I had some great times, but it all ended rather abruptly and sadly, obviously what happened with Jules Bianchi.”

It’s a far cry from when Chilton’s F1 career came to a sad and abrupt end following the death of his teammate Bianchi.

Chilton's F1 career has ended after Jules Bianchi's horror crash 

His final race for the Marussia team came just days after the Frenchman succumbed to the head injuries he suffered at the 2014 Japanese GP.

Chilton cannot bear to watch a video of Bianchi’s fatal crash into a nine tonne tractor that was being used to recover a broken F1 car.

And he revealed that it could have been him who suffered a fatal accident after his car suffered the same problem on the previous lap.

He added: “Jules’ death hit me hard.

“I thank my lucky stars that it was not me. I had a very similar moment to him the lap before.

“Our car was the least performing car on that grid -- the least amount of downforce -- and I had a moment on that corner.

“It could have been either of us.