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INCREDIBLE pictures of the world's most outrageous hearse have emerged - and it's just as terrifying as it is awesome.

The giant 6x6 hearse is built on a monster truck frame, turning the original 1967 Cadillac into a motoring marvel.

Built by American mechanic Jimmy Driver, the 10ft high, 20,000lbs beast known as "Mortis" has been causing a stir in the Naples, Idaho community.

Supported by six massive 60-inch tyres, Mortis was assembled entirely from scrap parts, including the chassis of a 1967 Cadillac superior, as well as parts from school buses and tractors.



Fitted with a V6 53 Detroit Diesel engine, the hulking hearse was designed to compete in local mud bogging competitions.

But because of its incredible mass, the beast itself can only reach speeds of up to 12mph.





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Mud bogging is a motor sport where vehicles of all types are driven through tricky mud courses, with the driver able to negotiate the course the best crowned the winner.

Jimmy has allegedly invested around £10,500 (USD$15,000) into Mortis, but estimates that it's probably only worth about £352 ($500).

Jimmy Driver told Barcroft TV: “I’ve had a passion for cars for 30 years. I have been mechanic-ing, helping my dad since I was a small kid and I just continued on building and working on them on my own as I grew up.



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“All we had to work with was a ’67 Cadillac hearse and an old deuce and a half frame with some axles.


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