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Have you been washing your hair all wrong? Dull, flat hair could be down to shampooing mistakes

COULD your hair-washing habits be causing lacklustre locks?

We tend to think flat, dull or frizzy hair is caused by heating products but it could be that you are washing your hair the WRONG way.

So here are the simple mistakes you need to ditch for shiny healthy locks...


The water is too hot

No one wants a cold shower but dropping the temperature a tad could save your locks from losing their looks.

Very hot water damages the structure and colour of your hair.

Shampooing too soon

If you slap on the shampoo before your hair is thoroughly soaked, you don’t give the residues of hair products and other particles a chance to wash away.

Make sure you are thoroughly soaked before shampooing.

Shampooing once

One lather is never enough. Product build-up and residue is removed in the first wash but a second is a deep cleanse on the scalp.


Not working the shampoo in

Use your fingers to massage the shampoo into your scalp properly.

This will allow your hair follicles to absorb nutrients better.

Skipping conditioner

Conditioner is necessary for strong hair and stops the strands becoming brittle.

It also reduces knots so less damage will occur when you brush or comb.

Using conditioner all over

Conditioner should only be applied to the ends of your hair.

Smothering it on the roots means it mixes with your scalp’s natural oils, leaving your hair greasy and flat.