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Is this ‘T-Rex skeleton’ proof that dinosaurs once roamed on MARS?

COULD dinosaurs have roamed on Mars thousands of years ago?

That’s the hope of a UFO expert who claim to have spotted a fossilised T-Rex head in a NASA picture of the Red Planet.

Images of the planet’s surface, taken by the Curiosity River droid, have prompted claims from alien hunters that a dinosaur skull can be seen.


Scott C Waring, of the UFO Sights Daily blogsite, said: "I found a skull of a dinosaur-like creature. It really looks like the fossil of an actual life form from long ago.

“The skull looks similar to dinosaur fossils found here on Earth."



He claimed that the US space agency had made it hard to spot by uploading small images on to their site.

He added: "NASA made these photos really small - only 45kb, so I enlarged them to 535kb and kept its quality."


The pictures, taken in February, show three different views of the 'fossilised skull'.

Another user of the site claimed he could spot a further two dinosaur heads in the images – along with a prehistoric DRAWING of a man.

Dennis Ball: “Just to the right and up a bit from this there appears to be an etching on the rock of a human type in black with a spear in their hand.”